Saturday, January 02, 2010

How to mount ISO in ubuntu

Gmount-iso (gmountiso) is a small tool written using PyGTK and Glade. It allows you to easily mount your cd images. This is a frontend to the 'mount -o loop -t iso9660 foo.iso /mountpoint' command

Install gmountiso:

Start Synaptic Package Manager from Administration on top menu of ubuntu, type gmountiso in the Quich Search box. Right click on gmountiso and mark it to install. And then click Apply.

install gmountiso

Create a mount point:

In order to mount a ISO, you have to creat a mount point somewhere, just create a folder on your desktop is OK.

Start gmountiso from ubuntu top menu:

Applications > System Tools > Gmount-iso

Start Gmount-iso

Just click Open to select Image File (.iso), and Mount Point, and then click the button mount.

ISO mounted